A sewer tap protruding into the district's sewer main as described in the article.

Sewer Backups Caused by Protruding Taps

Recently, the district has experienced sanitary sewer backups that were caused by protruding taps resulting from customer-owned sewer service linings. Protruding laterals or taps that protrude past the point of the lateral and mainline connection, can block flow in the mainline.

Pipe relining is a trenchless sewer repair method that involves creating a new pipe within the existing pipe. With trenchless sewer repair, underground sewer pipes are repaired without an open excavation. Current District Policy regarding Sewer Tap Inspections specifies that inspections and licensing of the contractor will take place when the contractor performs a tap connection repair at the district main. The district does not inspect anything on private property and therefore, these types of repairs are completed without the district’s knowledge or involvement.

The image below depicts a protruding sewer tap with a 4″ encroachment into the district’s sewer main. This tap was discovered by district operators performing routine maintenance on the sewer main. District staff milled or ground off the protruding tap to the normal standard thus preventing the risk of a sewer backup.

Lining of customer-owned sewer services that encroach the district’s main will disrupt flow causing blockages, health concerns and property damage. Homeowners may be found liable for damage caused. Though the responsibility should be on the contractor performing the work, the district encourages homeowners to call the office if they are having their sewer service lateral lined.