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Service Fee Increase Went Into Effect January 1

As the assets of the Southwest Metropolitan Water & Sanitation District age, the need for maintenance of existing facilities and replacement of other assets increases. In 2014, the District Board of Directors imposed a $1.00 per month water and sewer service fee on all District Customers.

Prior to 2014, customers did not pay the district for water distribution and wastewater collection services as a mill levy had not been assessed in many years. Over the past few years, the surcharge has been gradually raised each year to match operating expenses and projected capital expenditures.

As of January 1, 2020, the service fee is $8.00 per month per ¾ inch tap equivalent. The District assesses a monthly service fee based on the size of each customer’s water tap (see service fee chart below). The service fee is billed by Denver Water on each customer’s monthly water bill. The revenue is collected by Denver Water and remitted to the District.

Monthly Service Fee As of January 2020

Size of MeterNumber of EquivalentMonthly Service Charge
5/8 - inch1$8.00
3/4 - inch1$8.00
1 - inch2$16.00
1.25 - inch3$24.00
1.5 - inch4$32.00
2 - inch8$64.00
3 - inch18$144.00
4 - inch36$288.00
6 - inch94$752.00

You can find more information on the Southwest Metro Service Fee under Billing Information in the Residents section of our website. Please call the District at 303-979-2333 if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the service fee.