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Denver Water

Southwest Metropolitan signed a “read and bill” water supply agreement with the Denver Water Department that prescribed Denver supply potable water for distribution through Southwest Metropolitan owned pipes to individual District customers. Denver Water also agreed to read District customer water meters and bill customers directly.

City of Littleton

Southwest Metropolitan owns, operates, and maintains all sewer pipes that collect and transport wastewater from District customers to the city’s interceptor sewer pipeline. The City of Littleton bills Southwest Metropolitan customers directly for wastewater treatment service.

South Platte Water Renewal Partners

The South Platte Water Renewal Partners is the 3rd largest water renewal facility in Colorado and cleans nearly 24 million gallons of wastewater a day from 300,000 residents in Littleton, Englewood and 19 other connecting communities. It is publicly owned and operated by the Cities of Littleton and Englewood.


Colorado 811 is for residential and professional excavators to submit utility locate requests to all possible utilities in the area.

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