Service Fee

The District assesses a monthly service fee based on the size of each customer’s water tap (see service fee chart below). The service fee is billed by Denver Water on each customer’s monthly water bill. The revenue is collected by Denver Water and remitted to the District.

Monthly Service Fee As of January 2020

Size of Meter Number of Equivalent Monthly Service Charge
5/8 – inch 1 $8.00
3/4 – inch 1 $8.00
1 – inch 2 $16.00
1.25 – inch 3 $24.00
1.5 – inch 4 $32.00
2 – inch 8 $64.00
3 – inch 18 $144.00
4 – inch 36 $288.00
6 – inch 94 $752.00

From 1996 through 2014, Southwest Metropolitan did not charge customers for reliable delivery of high quality water obtained from Denver Water, nor for collection and transportation of all wastewater discharged by District customers to the South Platte Water Renewal Partners Wastewater Treatment Plant. District operations were largely funded from income generated from the investment of reserve funds. An extraordinary drop in interest rates and the need to spend down the District’s reserve fund by over $12.0 million to rehabilitate aging sewer infrastructure made use of investment income to fund District operations untenable.

After extensive analysis and consideration of multiple options, the Southwest Metropolitan Board of Directors imposed a $1.00 per month water and sewer service fee on all District customers beginning December 2014. The fee is based on the size of the water service pipe serving each property. Those customers with larger than typical single family sized water taps pay slightly more than nearly all residential customers.

Despite the imposition of the service fee in 2014, Southwest Metro continues to experience operating deficits of up to $1.0 million per year. This situation will ultimately result in the District being unable to provide safe, reliable water delivery and wastewater collection services to residents. In order to avoid this happening, the Board of Directors determined that, on an annual basis, the District’s service fee revenue must match operating expenses. Over the past few years, the surcharge has been gradually raised each year to match projected capital and operating expenses.

If you have questions about the service fee, please contact the District at 303-979-2333.