clogged pipe

Protect Your Pipes!!

Flushing wipes and other products can clog your home plumbing, causing sewage backups into your home and expensive repairs to unclog your pipes.

Protect your pipes! Never flush wipes, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, cotton swabs, or anything other than the 3 Ps: Pee, Poop, & Toilet Paper.

Flushing these products can also harm sewer and wastewater treatment systems, clogging equipment and leading to environmental damage and higher sewer rates.

If you are a rate payer, you are paying for the additional manpower and time spent on preventative maintenance removing these clogging wipes and “fatbergs” from our sanitary sewer systems and treatment plants. Fatbergs form when FOG (fats, oils, and greases) combine with wipes and other flushed products to form masses in sewer lines. These fatbergs cause sewer overflows, endangering public health and the environment, and they are expensive to remove. Wipes are the glue that binds together rancid fat, grease and oil with human excrement to create fatbergs.

Remember: Toilets are not trash cans!!! Only flush the 3 Ps: Pee, Poop & Toilet Paper.

Protect your pipes and save our sanitary sewer systems!

Cold weather is coming our way! Don’t forget to winterize your irrigation system!!

Turn off and drain automatic and manual sprinkler systems before first freeze.

  • Turn off the water, drain valves and use compressed air to blow remaining water out of lines.

Turn off outdoor faucets and be sure to disconnect hoses from them.

  • Garden hoses should be disconnected, drained and rolled up for storage. Drain outdoor faucets and exposed pipes as added protection against freeze-related damage.