Two Capital Projects Scheduled for 2022

On May 27, the Board of Directors approved the construction contract for one water main replacement and one sewer main replacement project scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

The contract was awarded to Diamond Contracting, Inc. in the amount of $1,343,676. Project details are listed below. Updates will continue with a tentative start after the district and contractor’s pre-construction meeting.

Water Main Replacement

S. Kipling Street – This project will replace 2,239 feet of 16-inch ductile iron pipe with 16-inch PVC water pipe in S. Kipling St. from south of W. Fair Ave. to just north of W. Coal Mine Ave.

This project was scheduled at a construction cost (including 20% contingency) of nearly $1.2M. This pipeline has experienced only one break, which occurred in 2010. However, staff is extremely concerned about managing future breaks due to the depth of this water main as it is located 14 feet deep in the S. Kipling St. median. The project involves relocating the water main to the east side of S. Kipling St. and at a more manageable depth.

Sewer Main Replacement

S. Everett Way – This project will replace 227 feet of 8-inch PVC sewer pipe with 8-inch PVC sewer pipe in S. Everett Way between 6449 S. Everett Way and 6489 S. Everett Way in the Woodmar Village subdivision.

As a result of a sewer service line inspection done as part of a house sale, that service was discovered to be partially submerged due to pipe movement. An inclination survey showed dips and heaving of the connected sewer main, which may lead to sewer backups that would be the responsibility of the District. Therefore, the segment of sewer main mentioned above is in need of replacement. This project is scheduled at a construction cost (including 20% contingency) of approximately $177,000.

The above referenced projects were strategically scheduled for 2022 using certain criteria identified in the Capital Master Plan (Plan). This Plan allows the district to be proactive rather than reactive when dealing with asset replacement and rehabilitation needs. System modifications are prioritized so the facilities most in need of repair are replaced or rehabilitated in a appropriate timeframe.

The goal is to minimize operation and repair expenses by avoiding costly unscheduled repair, replacement, and rehabilitation of deteriorating facilities. Most importantly, an aggressive capital rehabilitation and replacement program helps avoid system deterioration, disruption, and potential safety, health and property damage impacts. The entire 2022-2031 Capital Master Plan is available for download or review on the District’s website under Construction Corner.

Communication with residents in the affected subdivisions will be handled via door-to-door interaction, social media and community events. If you have questions or concerns pertaining to District projects, please call the main office number at 303-979-2333.