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Ten Year Capital Master Plan and Projects

The Southwest Metropolitan Board of Directors approved the 2024-2033 Capital Master Plan (Plan) on September 22, 2023. The Plan allows the district to be proactive in addressing infrastructure needs by identifying, prioritizing and scheduling water and wastewater rehabilitation and replacement projects over the next ten years. The Plan identifies $311,498 in total capital expenses in 2024 and $17.7M over the next ten years.

There are no water main replacement projects scheduled for 2024. The capital water project budgeted in 2023 that consisted of replacement of 2,500 feet of 16-inch cast iron pipe in S. Santa Fe Dr. has been delayed due to the proposed new development in the area.

Two capital sewer projects are budgeted for 2024 totaling $44,610. The projects consist of slip lining 275 feet of 10-inch vitrified clay pipe and 66 feet of 8-inch cast iron pipe and rehabilitation of the adjoining manholes.

Additional 2024 capital expenses include $25,000 for the annual contract for cured-in-place pipe that are scheduled on an as needed basis, office building projects budgeted at $90,300, and an emergency reserve in the amount of $125,666 required by the Tabor Amendment.

There are two water main replacement projects scheduled in 2025 in Woodmar Village. There are 22 water main replacements scheduled for construction between 2025 and 2033. There is one sewer replacement project in 2025 located in S. Mineral Dr. running north to the connection from Aspen Grove.

System modifications are prioritized so the facilities most in need of repair are replaced or rehabilitated in a appropriate timeframe. The goal is to minimize operation and repair expenses by avoiding costly unscheduled repair, replacement, and rehabilitation of deteriorating facilities. Most importantly, an aggressive capital rehabilitation and replacement program helps avoid system deterioration, disruption, and potential safety, health and property damage impacts.

The entire 2024-2033 Capital Master Plan is available for download or review on the District’s website under Construction Corner.