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Projects and Pop-Ups!

Two capital water projects are scheduled for construction in 2019.

The first project includes the replacement of 701 feet of 12-inch ductile iron pipe with PVC pipe and 40 feet of 6-inch ductile iron pipe with PVC pipe in S. Garland St. between W. Walden Ave. and W. Nova Pl. in the Meadows subdivision. Three water main breaks caused by electrolysis have occurred on this segment of pipe since 2007 with the latest happening in August of 2018.

The second water project planned for 2019 calls for replacement of 272 feet of 6-inch ductile iron pipe with 272 feet of 6-inch PVC pipe in S. Holland St. between W. Laurel Pl. and the end of the cul-de-sac. These projects are scheduled to go out to bid early June 2019.

These projects will be in construction starting in July and are scheduled to be complete by early November 2019.

Southwest Metro is planning on scheduling Informational Pop-Up tents for these projects in the proper subdivisions that may be affected by the construction. As soon as there are dates scheduled for the pop-ups, they will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and Nextdoor. If you do have questions regarding any of the above projects, you can always call the district at 303-979-2333.