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New Member Appointed to the Board of Directors

Samuel Rivas, Jr. was appointed to the Southwest Metro Board of Directors in June. Sam grew up in Denver and holds a Diploma of International Studies from the Denver Center for International Studies.

When asked why he was interested in serving on the board, Sam replied, “This felt like a great way to give back to my community. Water management looks to be an ever-growing concern. This provides me the opportunity to think globally but act locally.”

By serving on the board, Sam hopes to see much needed infrastructure upgrades within the district that will effectively manage water conservation. He is eager to learn from those who have served on the board for many years that have a great deal of experience and expertise in the water and wastewater industry.

Sam brings a unique set of skills of his own to the board. He currently serves as the Business Regulatory Notices and Statements Manager at Empower Retirement. “I have managed many projects for high valued clients in my role as a Senior Client Services Manager. Understanding logistics of projects is a skill set that I see translating in this role. Additionally, I understand the investment markets having worked in the industry for over 20 years. This gives me an ability to understand how our investments impact our ability to properly address projects, talent acquisition and retention, etc.”

Sam is exceptionally involved in his community. “I have coached and refereed youth sports. I also volunteer in my neighborhood through the HOA for projects like park cleanup, playground improvement, etc. I have also participated in volunteer events for Junior Achievement.”

Outside of work and community involvement, Sam is a fan of craft brewery and distilleries. He enjoys exploring the many options Colorado has to offer. He also enjoys “a good round of a golf with friends” and participating in fantasy football leagues. “But my favorite thing is simply spending time with my family. As the kids, 19 and 16, grow older, I absolutely prioritize spending time with them.”

The district is pleased to have Sam as the newest addition to the board of directors. Welcome to the district, Sam!