Fall is a Great Time to Start Your Xeriscape Garden

While Fall is the perfect time of year to aerate and fertilize your lawn, it’s also an ideal time to start a xeriscape garden or lawn. The following tips can prep your lawn for spring and summer and save you money!

Reduce the size of your lawn – Reducing your lawn size saves time and energy on lawn maintenance and less yard waste to be composted or taken to a landfill. You’ll also reduce your overall water consumption.

Plant low-water plants – Plants with lower water requirements, such as native species already adapted to Colorado climate, should be considered when planning your xeriscape lawn/garden.

Group plants by water needs to avoid over-watering – Grouping plants based on their water needs allows them to be watered more efficiently with less water waste. Water according to the condition of the plants, not on a fixed schedule.

Install drip irrigation and/or water-efficient sprinkler systems – Trees, shrubs, flowers and ground covers can be watered more efficiently by hand or drip irrigation.

Control weeds – Fall is the best time of year to kill perennial weeds such as dandelions, clover, and thistle. Weed killer is most effective when applied to healthy weeds.

Get aerated – Over the summer, your lawn has probably suffered from soil compaction and heat stress. These two problems can lead to brown or thinned grass. Aeration relieves soil compaction and allows water and fertilizer to penetrate the ground effectively to benefit roots.

Don’t forget fertilizer – Fertilize in the fall to keep your lawn healthier. This process will give your lawn plenty of nutrients to get it through the winter and help the grass grow stronger in the spring. If you decide to aerate in the fall, you should fertilize soon afterward to ensure that the nutrients will reach deeper into the soil.


Xeriscape can reduce landscape water use by 50%. Plant water wise shrubs now and save money next summer!