Drought Status

According to the September 3rd update from the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) drought monitor, 37.5% of Colorado is abnormally dry with 3.5% of the state experiencing moderate drought.

Early in the 2019 Water Year, continual moisture and near normal temperatures resulted in significant drought improvements across Colorado, mitigating drought concerns in even the most heavily impacted areas of the state. The late summer months with little to no moisture and high temperatures have changed the drought status considerably.

Colorado’s significant snowpack has done the state well this year with stream flows and reservoir storage in all major basins remaining above average. In late-August, cumulative precipitation in the Colorado River watershed was tracking at 109% and cumulative precipitation in the South Platte River watershed was tracking at 111%, both above average.

July and August remained dry and hot with little precipitation and record high temperatures resulting in 41% of the state registering on the Drought Monitor by early September. We would like to remind you that Denver Water’s Summer Watering Rules remain in effect until October 1st. Following these rules can help preserve reservoir levels thus reducing risks of future water restrictions while leaving your landscape healthy and nourished. With escalating temperatures and less precipitation, customers typically receive their highest water bills in August – October.


Follow these tips to help water efficiently and save money during the hottest and driest months:

  • Continually check your irrigation system for leaks.
  • Create a zone-by-zone schedule and dial in your irrigation controllers. Make sure your control clocks are set correctly.
  • Check for running toilets and dripping faucets.
  • Update your fixtures. You can save money by replacing older toilet flappers, shower heads and faucet aerators.


If you have questions regarding any of this information or need help detecting a leak or troubleshooting a high water bill, call the main office at 303-979-2333 or you can submit an online Customer Service Request.