Drought Status

Drought conditions gradually continue to improve.

According to the August 31 update from the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), 4% of Colorado falls into the exceptional drought category, 15% is in an extreme drought, 24% is in a severe drought, 37% is in a moderate drought, and  51% of the state is abnormally dry. The map featured above shows the drought conditions on September 2.

Nearly half of Colorado is still drought free and there has been some improvement in the harsher drought categories. As of this week, just under 4% of Colorado is experiencing exceptional drought which is down from more than 27% last December. Extreme drought now covers 15% of the state which is down from 76% late last year.

Summer Watering rules end on October 1st.

As of August 30, cumulative precipitation in the Colorado River watershed was tracking at 90% of average and the South Platte River watershed was tracking at 108% of average.

Denver Water’s reservoir levels are 94% full. This time last year they were 92% full. Denver Water’s supply reservoir contents as of August 30 are represented in the table below.

ReservoirPercent Full: CurrentPercent Full: Historical Median
Eleven Mile102%102%
Strontia Springs102%93%
Meadow Creek9%35%

The district will continue to work with Denver Water on monitoring the watersheds and will provide updates to our customers through our website and social media channels.