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District Operator Celebrates Ten Years

Michael Chavez celebrated 10 years with the district in January. Mike is certified by the Colorado Water and Wastewater Operations Certification Board as a Level 4 Water Distribution System Operator and a Level 4 Wastewater Collection System Operator. These are the highest levels of certification offered by both boards.

Mike’s duties include performing routine water maintenance such as exercising and inspecting valves; inspecting, flushing, and painting fire hydrants; and performing pressure monitoring and leak detection. He also facilitates maintenance to the district’s sewer infrastructure by performing CCTV (closed circuit television inspections), hydraulic cleaning, and root treatment/cutting in district owned mains.

As a district operator, Mike is also responsible for performing maintenance to the district’s pump and lift stations as well as responding to emergency situations like a water main failure or main line sewer back up.

Prior to working for the district, Mike had already obtained his water distribution certifications and worked in cross connection control and backflow operations for a municipality in Utah. Working for the district expanded his knowledge in the wastewater collections side of the industry.

“Distribution and collection have an abundance of opportunities. The future in these fields can bring a lifetime of fulfillment if you are passionate about the industry,” said Mike.

When asked what he likes most about working for the district, Mike replied “assisting customers with various ways with water and sewer problems.” He enjoys “sharing knowledge and experience with district customers and in a lot of cases saving customers money.”

We appreciate your loyalty and hard work Mike! Thank you for 10 years of diligent service and dedication to the District and its customers!