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Capital Project for 2023 Will Likely Be Postponed

The following Capital Project was scheduled for 2023. Due to design conflicts, this project will likely be deferred to 2024.

S. Santa Fe Drive – This project will replace 2,500 feet of 16″ cast iron pipe with 16″ PCV in S. Santa Fe Dr. from S. Wolhurst Dr. to a point south of the culvert crossing.

This project was scheduled at a cost of $1,375,570. This pipeline has experienced only one break in recent years. However, CDOT is widening Santa Fe Drive in the vicinity of this water main and will have a multi-year paving moratorium once the project is completed. This wouldn’t allow the project to remain in the original year for replacement (2025) so the decision was made to accelerate the project to 2023.

This project is currently in the design phase. It is still undetermined when this project will be approved.