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Armando Quintana is Celebrating Over 20 Years of Service with the District

Many District residents will also recognize District Foreman, Armando Quintana. Armando has been providing service to District customers since 1999. His duties include responding to customer service calls, crew assignments, utility locates, problem solving, as well as operating, repairing and performing maintenance on the District’s drinking water and sanitary sewer lines.

If you have called the District for a service request, then you most likely have met Armando. He handles nearly all service calls during the regular work week.

Armando relocated to Littleton in 1999 and started working at Platte Canyon that same year. He had previously worked at the Alamosa Water Department in Alamosa, Colorado, giving him 24 years of experience in the water and sanitation industry. Prior to that he served in the United States Marine Corps for eight years and served in Operation Desert Storm.

Working for Platte Canyon has developed Armando’s career considerably. He moved up the ranks from an Operator I, to Operator II, to ultimately becoming the Operations Foreman.

Armando’s advice for prospective Platte Canyon employees is “show up early, work hard and take advantage of educational opportunities (provided by the district).”

Outside of work, Armando coaches competitive softball and enjoys spending time with his kids and grandkids.

Thank you, Armando for your years of hard work and dedication to the District and its customers and thank you for your service to our country!