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2020 Capital Improvement Projects

The Board of Directors approved the 2020-2029 Capital Master Plan (Plan) on November 22, 2019. This Plan allows the District to be proactive in addressing infrastructure needs by identifying, prioritizing and scheduling water and wastewater rehabilitation and replacement projects over the next ten years.

The Plan identifies $520,000 in capital projects next year and $9.7M over the next ten years. The three water main replacement projects listed below are scheduled for construction in the summer of 2020. No sewer facility, building or equipment capital projects are scheduled for construction in 2020.

Capital Improvement Projects Scheduled for 2020:

S. Flower Way – This project will replace 357 feet of 6-inch cement pipe with 6-inch PVC pipe in S. Flower Way between W. Arbor Avenue and the fire hydrant on the corner end of S. Flower Way in the Kipling Villas subdivision. This pipeline has experienced four breaks over the past 20 years. Click here to view map.

W. Walden Avenue – This project will replace 377 feet of 12-inch ductile iron pipe with 12-inch PVC pipe in W. Walden Avenue between S. Independence Way and S. Hoyt Court in the Meadows subdivision. This relatively short segment of pipe has experienced four failures, with the most recent one in 2019. Click here to view map.

Polo Ridge Drive – This project will replace 788 feet of 12-inch PVC pipe with 6-inch PVC pipe for water quality assurance. This project is in the Polo Reserve subdivision on Polo Ridge Drive between Thoroughbred Run and the end of the cul-de-sac. The existing pipeline was installed with the intention of connecting to and serving future development which is no longer feasible. Click here to view map.

Thirteen water facility replacement projects are scheduled for construction between 2021 and 2029 at an estimated cost of $9.2M. Water projects scheduled for construction after 2020 are subject to change due to the new rating criteria. Pipelines that do not experience continuing problems will likely be deprioritized for replacement at a later date or eliminated from the plan. Alternatively, pipelines that are on the plan and experience additional failures will be accelerated for replacement earlier than originally proposed.

The entire 2020 – 2029 Capital Master Plan can be found on the District’s website under Construction Corner.