Month: June 2022

New District Operator

staff photo

The district welcomed Emmanuel “Manny” Martinez to the operations staff on February 28. As a water distribution and wastewater collection system operator, he is one of the District faces you… Read more »

Drought Status


According to the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), 87.50 percent of the state is currently experiencing some level of drought (with 98.9 percent being at least abnormally dry). The… Read more »

Summer Watering Rules are in Effect

hand watering with a green sprinkler

Denver Water’s Annual Outdoor/Summer Watering Rules went into effect May 1 and continue through October 1. By following these rules throughout the summer, you can help preserve reservoir levels and… Read more »

Firewise, Waterwise Landscaping


With the threat of wildfires always looming in Colorado, you can minimize the spread of wildfire near your home by planting fire-resistant waterwise plants. While there is no such thing… Read more »

SLOW DOWN for District Operators

ops staff photo

The district asks that drivers please SLOW DOWN near work zones. When you see a district work vehicle surrounded by cones on a busy street, please remember that district operators… Read more »