Informational Pop-Up Outcome

6/18/2018 Informational Pop-Up Outcome

Platte Canyon staff held an informational Pop-Up on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. It was held across from the Pump Station on the corner of West Ken Caryl Avenue and South Zephyr Court.

Our main goal for this event was to invite our customers in that area to come and interact with their water and sewer service provider. We opened our event to those in the surrounding areas to ask questions and voice their concerns on the project. We had 20-25 people stop by to ask questions regarding what exactly was going to be happening. We found that one of the most asked questions was concerning the view point from Zephyr Court while turning onto Ken Caryl. A wall is being built around the Pump Station but will be placed 10 feet inward from the sidewalk so there will be no issues concerning the view of oncoming traffic. Residents were also curious about the length of construction. We are estimating 2-3 months of construction and will continue to update on our website as well as our Facebook page with any new information we receive regarding the pump station.

Our hope was to inform those who were curious about the project and provide more clarity around the project. If you were unable to visit our booth or if you have any questions on the project, please call the District and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for all those that were interested in attending out first event. We are very thankful for the time we had in the community.