Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ - Household

    Am I a customer of Southwest Metropolitan Water and Sanitation District?

    Because Southwest Metropolitan’s contracts with Denver Water to do water billing and the City of Littleton to do sewer billing, many customers do not know they receive service from Southwest Metropolitan.  To determine if you are a customer your may:

    1)  Consult the District boundary map.

    2) Consult your property tax statement.  Southwest Metropolitan will be listed as a taxing entity if you are in the District.

    3) Call the District at 303-979-2333

  • FAQ - Water Leaks

    How do I report a water leak?

    Repair of leaks on water mains and a limited portion of your water service pipe are the responsibility of Southwest Metropolitan and should be reported immediately to the District by calling 303-979-2333.  Southwest Metropolitan also recommends that all family members know where the main water supply valve is in your home so it can be turned off in the event of a leak inside your home.

    How do I know if a leak is on the portion of pipe that I own?

    Southwest Metropolitan will repair leaks only on the section of water service pipe between the District’s water main and the customer’s property line.  There is normally a 4-inch diameter curb stop valve box located at the property line.  If you are not sure if a leak is your responsibility, call Southwest Metropolitan at 303-979-2333.

  • FAQ - Sewer Problems

    Who do I call if my sewer system will not drain?

    Southwest Metropolitan is only responsible for maintenance of the sewer main.  The entire sewer service pipe from the residence to the sewer main is the customer’s responsibility.  If you do not know if a sewer blockage is in your sewer service pipe or the District’s pipe, call Southwest Metropolitan at 303-979-2333.

    How can I prevent roots from clogging my sewer service pipe?

    The first step is to know where your sewer pipe is located and avoid planting deep rooted trees in the vicinity of the pipe.  If roots do infiltrate your sewer line there are chemical root control products available at home improvement and hardware stores.  More effective is to conduct a periodic roto-rooter cleaning of your sewer pipe.

    How do I know if I have roots in my service pipe?

    You can retain a private company to perform a closed circuit television inspection of your sewer service pipe.  Southwest Metropolitan urges you to use caution when retaining a sewer inspection contractor.  There are many reputable firms, but there are a few scam artists as well.  If you have questions about retaining a contractor, call Southwest Metropolitan at 303-979-2333.

    Will my insurance pay for damages resulting from sewer backups?

    Many homeowner insurance policies contain an exclusion for sewer backup damage.  Coverage is frequently available but must be requested as an addition to the policy.  Southwest Metropolitan urges homeowners to discuss sewer backup coverage with their insurance agent.

  • FAQ - Billing

    I have just purchased a new home. How do I transfer water and sewer service into my name?

    Because Southwest Metropolitan does not bill for water and sewer service you must contact Denver Water’s Customer Care Department at 303-893-2444 to transfer water billing and City of Littleton at 303-795-3772 to transfer sewer billing.

    I am a new homeowner and have not received a water or sewer bill.

    Water is billed every two months by Denver Water and sewer is billed once each year by the City of Littleton.  If you think you are not receiving a bill contact Denver Water at 303-893-2444 and the City of Littleton at 303-795-3772.

  • FAQ - Water Quality

    Why are Southwest Metropolitan crews wasting water flushing fire hydrants and blow-off valves?

    Flushing fire hydrants and blow-off valves which are located on dead end water mains is critical to preserving clean, fresh water.  Operators are cautious to use only as much water as necessary to ensure a proper disinfectant residual in the water. Click here to read our Water Quality Articles

    Where does my water come from?

    Southwest Metropolitan distributes water received from Denver Water.  Denver’s water originates from several sources, the South Platte River watershed and the Blue River watershed on the west slope being the primary sources.  Additional information on water sources can be found in Denver Water’s Water Quality Report.

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