Alyssa and Mike

District staff member appointed to Denver Water’s Citizens Advisory Committee

Denver Water’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is a 10-member volunteer committee that advises Denver Water staff and the Board of Water Commissioners on a variety of issues while encouraging and coordinating public participation in the organization’s policy-making process. The committee was created as a result of the 1979 Foothills Agreement that, among other terms of the agreement, required Denver Water to form a citizens group charged with representing public interests in specific categories of stakeholder groups, including one representative from a Denver Water distributor. The Board has appointing authority for the CAC.

The CAC interviewed Alyssa Quinn of Southwest Metropolitan and Sanitation District on June 20, 2019 and voted to nominate her to fill a vacant distributor representative position on the committee. On August 28, the Denver Board of Water Commissioners approved this nomination and she was appointed to the CAC.

Alyssa serves as the Business Programs Specialist for Southwest Metro and was hired in January 2000. She serves as the Chairperson for the Distributor Conservation Committee, is a Board member for the Colorado WaterWise and is a member of the American Water Works Association and the Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association.

Alyssa and her husband Mike both grew up in Denver. They have two boys, Dylan, who is a sophomore in high school and Cayden, who is in the sixth grade. Their family enjoys vacationing in the mountains and keep busy with the boys’ sports activities.