District Project Updates

Below are updates to the SW Metro Water & Sanitation District Projects. If you have any questions regarding any of the projects you can contact Tony Cocozzella, the project coordinaotr for more information at 303-829-9407 or tpcocozzella@plattecanyon.org.

Wild Plum – Fairway Lane and Platte Canyon Rd

The water and sewer mains for this project have been in review for 8 months. We have now reached the final stages of review for the sewer and water main construction. The earthwork (where the terrain is leveled out forming the streets and drainage areas) in the new Columbine Country Club subdivision has begun. Once the streets are to subgrade (at or near final elevation) and the sewer plans are approved we will begin installing the sewer mains.

Westerly Apartments – Jefferson Corporate Center (Ute and Toller)

This project is in the beginning stages of the earthwork. The earthwork on this project is much more extensive than the Wild Plum project. The contractors will be required to dig 12 feet below the final elevation of the floors because of the poor soil. “Poor soil” is prevalent in the District and expands and contracts depending on the moisture content of the soil. This causes buildings to crack and poor flow in sewer mains. In extreme cases, it can get to the point where sewer pipes have been flattened pinching off the flow. Before any buildings can get built they will be required to remove the 12 feet of dirt and replace it with an amended soil adding moisture and chemicals to keep it from expanding and contracting. It will take approximately 3 months to perform the over excavation of the soil.

West Littleton Neighborhood Care Center: Coal Mine Ave and Kipling

The new water main for this project is in review with the District, District Engineer and Denver Water. The plans have been in review for 2 months. This is an older project that was revived due to the discovery of a 16” water main that is in conflict with a new retaining wall.

Murphy Express – S Kipling; 500’ North of W Coal Mine Ave.

This project has been dormant for 4 months.

Santa Fe Park (Mineral and Santa Fe)

This project is currently going through a re-zoning at the City of Littleton.

S Pierson St between W Bowles Pl and W Capri Ave

Request for design proposals.

W Parkhill Ave and S Garland St

Request for design proposals.