hydrant with permit sign

District Fire Hydrant Use

Permits are required to use district fire hydrants.

Withdrawal of water from a district owned fire hydrant, except for an emergency, requires a permit from the district. The permit specifies when the hydrant may be used, as well as how it must be operated to prevent damage to the hydrant and prevent potential contamination to the district’s water system.

The district assesses fees to cover administrative and inspection costs associated with processing the permit. In addition, a damage deposit is collected which is refunded at the expiration of the permit if the hydrant is not damaged and the Hydrant Use Permit sign is returned.

hydrant with permit sign

Recipients of permits are required to use approved backflow prevention devices to ensure the safety of the district’s water supply. Users are also required to meter all usage and pay Denver Water directly for all water withdrawn. All permitted users of district fire hydrants are required to display a Hydrant Use Permit sign when withdrawing water from district facilities.

District customers can be very helpful in monitoring the safety and reliability of the district’s water supply by detecting and reporting unauthorized fire hydrant use. If you see someone using a fire hydrant without displaying a permit tag (as pictured), please contact the district office at 303-979-2333.