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District Employee Recognized for Outstanding Customer Service

Justin Roquemore has been providing exceptional service to district customers since 2008. He is one of five District Operators whose duties include responding to customer service calls, problem solving, and performing maintenance on the District’s water distribution and wastewater collection system.

While performing routine sewer maintenance this past week, Justin was approached by a mother and her young boys who were curious as to what he was doing. He was performing root cutting maintenance, the process of removing roots from district sanitary sewer mains. A closed-circuit camera inspects the sewer main to locate where roots are growing into the pipe. Then using high water pressure, a hydraulic tool called a root cutter or chain flailer is sent up the pipe, which cuts or rips the roots out of the sewer main. If roots are observed growing into the sewer main from a customer’s service connection, a picture is taken and sent to the address alerting the customer of a potential problem.

Justin explained this entire process to the boys and educated them on how the sewer systems work underground. The boys were fascinated, and their mother was very appreciative. She sent the district an email recognizing Justin for “taking the time to make some little boys happy and for teaching them about the pipes under the roads”. This customer also mentions how her boys were thrilled about the encounter and haven’t stopped talking about it.

Operations staff are the “face” of the District since they make direct contact with District customers when responding to customer service calls or while conducting routine maintenance in your neighborhood. They are available to respond to emergency situations 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. District operators are always happy to respond to customer questions and concerns when they are out in the field.

If you are interested in learning more regarding District root cutting maintenance, please contact Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor, at 303-979-2333.