map of affected area

Denver Water Conduit Repair in S. Simms Street


Water was restored to all residents affected by shut off at 5:30 pm.


There is a water break at 6780 S. Quail Lane. Three customers are affected at 6770, 6780, and 6790 S. Quail Lane. These customers are included in the Denver Water shut off, but may be without water until 6 pm in order to repair the break.

Water service will be interrupted today, January 26th from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM in the Eagle View Subdivision and The Meadows Golf Club. These times are approximate and may change.

An emergency repair on a Denver Water 24-inch water conduit is the reason for the water shutout. Denver Water has determined that there is another leak on this conduit. The connections to the Eagle View Subdivision and The Meadows Golf Club are within the water shutout section of the conduit. Click here to enlarge map.

If you are in the shut out area, you are advised to store as much water as will be necessary for your needs during the period water service is terminated. In addition, you should protect any water using appliances (water heater, boiler, water softener, solar heating device) that may be affected by the outage.

Once work is finished, crews will flush the water mains, which may cause discolored or cloudy water. After service is restored, run a cold faucet at full pressure until water is clear. Flushing your system will also remove trapped air.

If you have special needs that will be impacted by the water outage, please contact the District office at (303) 979-2333.

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