To be eligible to receive water and sanitary sewer service from Southwest Metropolitan, a property must be located within the District boundaries. A property owner may request inclusion into the District by following these steps:

  1. Contact a District representative at (303) 979-2333 to determine if water and sanitary sewer facilities are available to serve the property.
  2. If service is available, the property owner must submit the following items in order to be included within the District.

a. A deposit of $5,000 to be credited against actual legal and administrative costs incurred by the District to process the inclusion.

b. Three copies of a metes and bounds legal description of the property. Where possible, the property boundaries must be coterminous with existing District boundaries.

c. Three copies of a boundary survey drawing matching the metes and bounds legal description.

d.  Three copies of a commitment for title insurance for the property proposed for inclusion. The title commitment must be dated within 30 days of filing the request for inclusion.

e. Three copies of a letter requesting inclusion into the District. The letter should contain information on future development plans (if any) and anticipated future water and sewer demands.

3. Upon review and approval of the above referenced submittals, the District will prepare a Petition for Inclusion for signature by the property owner(s).

4. Upon receipt of the signed Petition for Inclusion, the District will publish a Notice of Hearing for a public hearing at which time the District’s Board of Directors will receive public comment and formally consider the Petition for Inclusion.

5. If the Petition is approved by the majority of the Board of Directors, the District will assess annexation fees pursuant to the District’s then current fee schedule.

6. Upon payment of annexation fees, the Petition for Inclusion will be filed with the District Court. The property becomes eligible for water and sewer service when the District Court issues an order and decree approving the inclusion.

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