District Current Projects

  • Water Main Replacement Projects

    Holland Way – This project will replace 300 feet of 12-inch cast iron pipe with 12-inch PVC pipe in S. Holland Way between S. Garland Court and W. Arbor Place. This project is located in the Kipling Villas subdivision and includes a culvert crossing.

    The construction contract was awarded to C & L Water Solutions, Inc. in the amount of $160,168. C & L Water Solutions has worked for the District on past capital projects and is the contractor used by the District for emergency water main repairs.

    This project involves replacing cast iron pipe that has advanced levels of electrolysis-caused corrosion.

    Mobilization will start on Monday, August 2nd. Installation of the main is projected to be completed by the end of August.

    This project involves a culvert crossing near the Lilley Gulch Regional Trail. The trail will be impacted by construction, but will remain open with partial blockage near the construction site. Click the image below to enlarge.

    The District posted “Construction Ahead” lawn signs at the east trailhead on Wadsworth and Peakview, and the west trailhead at Kipling and Fair. Signs were also posted 500’ east and west from the project site.


  • Sewer Main Replacement Projects

    There are no sewer main replacement projects scheduled for 2021.

For questions or comments concerning these projects, please feel free to call the District’s Project and Construction Coordinator, Tony Cocozzella at 303-979-2333.