Author: Bridget Butterfield

June 2022 E-Newsletter Available

The Quarterly Newsletter is now available online under the Residents section of our website. Stay up to date on District Projects that may impact your neighborhood or water/sewer service. Articles… Read more »

Hydrant and Meter Clearance

Hydrant Rules and Regulations District and Fire Department regulations require that fire hydrants have a minimum clearance of 3 feet on all sides of the hydrant. If you have a… Read more »

Drought and Snowpack Update

According to the May 10 update from the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), 1.2% of Colorado is in an Exceptional Drought (D4), 5.8% is in an Extreme Drought (D3),… Read more »

It’s Drinking Water Week!

This week, the district is observing Drinking Water Week by recognizing the vital role tap water plays in daily life, the infrastructure that is required to carry it to and… Read more »