Month: March 2023

Keep Wipes out of the Pipes!

clogged pipe

Flushing wipes and other products can clog your home plumbing system, causing sewage backups into your home and expensive repairs to unclog your pipes. Protect your pipes! Never flush wipes,… Read more »

World Water Day 2023

world water day

World Water Day, held on the 22nd of March every year since 1993, is an annual United Nations Observance focusing attention on the importance of water. This year’s theme is… Read more »

Fix a Leak Week

plumber with toilet

Mark your calendars! The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) annual Fix a Leak Weak will be held March 20 through 26. Household leaks can waste nearly 1 trillion gallons of water… Read more »

March E-Newsletter Available

your water

The Quarterly Newsletter is now available online under the Residents section of our website. Stay up to date on District Projects that may impact your neighborhood or water/sewer service. Articles… Read more »