Month: August 2020

Keep Wipes out of the Pipes!

clogged pipe

Companies heavily advertise their “flushable” wipes, but plumbers make a lot of house calls that involve clogged toilets, backed up sewer lines, and flooded basements caused by moistened wipes. Most… Read more »

Why is hydrant flushing necessary?

ops staff photo

Hydrant flushing is necessary to maintain the high-quality water that is delivered to district customers. It might be painful to watch clean drinking water bursting from a hydrant to be… Read more »

Valve Repair on S. Flower Court

map of affected residents

WATER WAS RESTORED TO ALL AFFECTED RESIDENTS AT 10:45 AM. Southwest Metro is repairing a blow off valve near 8543 S. Flower Ct. on Wednesday, August 12. Water outage is… Read more »